Coaching & Training Offerings

Karen offers the best in:


Voice & Speech Improvement
Vocal Coaching
Presentation Skills Training

Overcoming Speaking Fear
Media & On-Camera Training
Clearer Speech & Accent Reduction

Presentation Writing

Acting Techniques
Corporate Development


The Voice:

  • Ten Steps to a More Dynamic Voice
  • Proper Breath Control for a Better Voice
  • Vocal Coaching & Voice Improvement
  • Speaking with More Confidence & Power
  • Non-Native Speakers:  Clearer Speech, Accent Reduction
  • Using Proper APB:  Articulation, Projection, Breathing

Presentation Skills:

  • Ten Steps to Better Presentations
  • Overcoming Your Fear of Public Speaking Forever
  • Moving from Dull to Dynamic in Any Presentation
  • Techniques in Better Speaking:  One-on-One, Phone Interviews, Presentations
  • Confidence-Building for Dynamic Public Speaking
  • Moving from Nervous Speaking to Positive Speaking
  • Energizing Your Audience and Yourself
  • Effectively Taking Charge of the Meeting
  • Using Vocal Variety for Maximum Presentation Impact
  • Techniques in How to Plan, Prepare, and Present Positively

Media Training:

  • On-Camera Presentation and Techniques
  • Talking Effectively to the Camera
  • Media Skills Training That Works
  • How to Wow the Television & Radio Audience
  • How to Stay on Message, Even with a Media Assault!
  • Defining & Refining Your "Elevator Speech"
  • Speaking Confidently Extemporaneously
  • Top Interviewing Tips and Techniques
  • How to Talk to the Press/ How to Talk in Sound Bites
  • Acting Techniques & Character Development:  Theatre & Television

Writing Services:

  • Complete Assessment of Your Presentations
  • Rewriting of Speeches & Presentations for Clarity & Dynamism
  • Script Doctor Consulting & Reworking of Presentations
  • Speech & Presentation Organization, Using Sequence Techniques

Media Production Services

  • 25 Years of Award-Winning Experience in Television, Theatre, Film, and Video
  • Writing & Producing for Corporate and Organizational Videos & Live Events
  • Directing for Theatre and Video
  • Total Production Coordination
  • Voiceover & MC Talent for Live Events