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Karen Schadow's Unique Voice Coaching

Karen's Voice & Presentation Skills Coaching and Media Training offer a unique and unparalleled knowledge of the voice, dynamic presentation, and the media.  Her creative techniques in teaching voice improvement, public speaking and presentation techniques, overcoming fear of public speaking, and clearer speech for non-native speakers come from her many years in theatre, television, film, and the university classroom.  Karen has developed her own highly successful techniques in teaching that guarantee success to every client and student.

Karen's rare specialty of correcting and enhancing the Speaking Voice, with her individual coaching, is in national and international demand.  At the first session, Karen will analyze and diagnose a client's voice issues with unerring success.  With Karen's personalized techniques in her 'APB' - Articulation, Projection, and Breathing, clients make immediate progress.  Her creative teaching of proper breathing and breath support for the voice is highly acclaimed.   The success of Karen's creative and unique vocal techniques, and her enthusiastic support for each student, is unparalleled.

Karen's highly effective Voice & Presentation Skills Seminars and Motivational Workshops for organizations and companies, in groups large and small, include her renowned Ten Steps to a More Dynamic Voice and Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking - Forever! as well her information-packed Presentation Skills seminars on Plan, Prepare, Present Positively.  All are created and focused directly for each specific audience.  Karen's workshops and seminars include a full packet of handouts for every participant, including vocal exercises and complete explanations of the techniques that are presented, to cement the learning process.

Karen's great love of teaching the voice and of imparting her vast knowledge in all areas of communication, always with great enthusiasm and support for her clients, has been highly acknowledged throughout the industry.  Karen is, quite simply, the best at what she does.  Her clients do achieve The Voice of Success!

Karen: Selected one of Top Ten Voice Teachers in New York for 2017 - 2019 and the only Speaking Voice Coach                www.expertise.com/ny/nyc/voice-lessons

About Karen Schadow


With her specialty in Voice Training and Public Speaking, Karen Schadow brings to the communications training field over twenty-five years experience in theatre, television, film, and the university classroom, from which she has developed her highly-recognized expertise in vocal coaching, presentation skills coaching, media training, and public speaking skills training. Karen has also created her own very successful programs in overcoming the fear of public speaking and in clearer speech for non-native speakers. Her distinctive specialty in making the Body-Mind Connection to the Voice, and her individualistic and caring approach, bring success to every client.  Her work emphasizes not just "What you are saying," but "How you are saying it," to insure consistent dynamic presentations and vocal effectiveness.

Karen, a highly successful national motivational speaker, New York University professor, and on-camera talent in her own right, has created and taught her distinctive voice development programs to hundreds of individuals, to corporate clients, to organizations, and to universities and media groups. Her unique ability to diagnose each client's individual vocal needs, always with positive support, and her years of experience on stage and on both sides of the camera, combine to give clients total confidence and effectiveness in speaking in group presentations, on-camera, in press interviews, and before audiences both large and small. Her twenty plus years experience at ABC Television as one of the first network camerawomen, as well as her work as an on-camera reporter, director, producer, actor, and live announcer, have given her knowledge of the media and the voice that few coaches possess.

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